Fleet Management

Basic functions

Cost-effective, real-time coverage for vehicles, cargo, heavy machinery.

  • Real-time tracking of tracking of vehicle location in real time with notifications to desktops or mobile devices
  • Driver identification and route deviation alerts (Geofencing)
  • Monitor engine performance remotely
  • Manage fuel theft and consumption
  • Lock or immobilise equipment remotely
  • Identify your driver
  • Monitor your driver’s behaviour and speed
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Monitor productivity with alerts to excessive idling
  • enhancement of safety and driver’s discipline, and minimization of the number of traffic violations;
  • View vehicle location history at a given period of time
  • Signal Jamming Detection: Help prevent hijacking by detecting the use of GPS and GSM jammers. Track stolen vehicles via GPS
  • Detect and receive alerts if GPS equipment is disconnected.



Optional functions

  • Receive notifications of temperature changes through cold chain monitoring
  • Real-time Monitor of Delivery
  • Fuel savings though receiving on-line data on fuel consumption, and prevention of unauthorized discharge and excessive use of fuel;
  • Monitor and detect Trailers
  • Follow up mileage
  • Planning and notification of Maintenance, Oil change, insurance,
  • route adjustment and prevention of the use of vehicles for unauthorized purposes;
  • Detect fuel theft
  • Follow up fuel level and supervise fuelling
  • Emergency Button
  • Buzzer